5 rules for outfits to go with the ocean pendants

Can you tell which outfit is the best for this necklace?

This series of ocean necklaces is gaining popularity thanks to the mesmerizing glass pendants. Once again, people are having trouble finding the best outfit to go with this new piece of accessory. Here are some of our recommendation.

The necklaces of the ocean and the dress of summer: this look is for a vibrant and youthful time of the year. Red and white are the perfect choices, since they highlight the colors of the pendant (ten for you to choose). 

(A pristine white brings out the colors of the pendants)

In fact, as long as it is white and red, most outfit will look perfect on you and bring out the best of the pendants.

(Treating the pendants as your eyes. Which colors go well with them?)

We should avoid outfits with intricate patterns. The pendants will be lost among a sea of flowers or crossed lines. They drive attention away from the centerpiece.

(With dresses like this, good luck getting people to notice the pendants)

However, if you choose the white pendant, against an outfit of dark tone, it can stand out despite the patterns.

(White and black contrast, as demonstrated by white patterns on dark fabric) 

Now that we have established the color dynamics, let us try to create the atmosphere! Which set of clothing goes best with the necklaces?

Of course, we have the standard "Urban Modern" look. You don't have to be worried that the scarf may conceal the pendants. It is a removable piece that you can put on and take off anytime you want.

A lighter shade of red (much lighter) is okay too. This pink set does not negate the colors of the pendants.

(But please drop that earring set)


We do not recommend set with more than one layer of clothing. Such as this:

The reason is very simple: such outfits can conceal the pendants. They also weight down the air around you. And unlike scarf, they cannot be taken off with ease and are much more cumbersome to carry around when not worn.

If you find it hard to part with intricate patterns, consider dress with design such as this:

(The patterns start below the waist)

Also, don't forget about earrings! Earrings of the same color with the pendants are simple the best.

And one rule still stands: avoid intricate design and pattern

(Just no. Under this circumstance and any circumstance)

All in all, you can mix any outfit with the pendants as long as you remember the rules:

  • White and red are simple the best
  • Simplicity is necessary
  • Dress light
  • Color synchronicity
  • Nothing outshines the centerpiece

 Let the pendants be even more beautiful on you!

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