Blue Ocean Charm Bracelets
Blue Ocean Charm Bracelets

Blue Ocean Charm Bracelets

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This bracelet is now for you to grasp:

  • Adorned with a diverse set of charms to maximize your fashion value
  • Made with copper alloy, highly corrosion-resistant, always as new as when you buy it
  • Five different length to fit all size of wrists, including yours
  • Cool sensation all the time on your skin, like dipping your hand into ocean water
  • The perfect gift for your friends and families

This bracelet is the perfect companion if you are in need of a style change right now. Fit wondrously with hippy, urban and hip-hop clothing. A must-have for collectors of accessories with its diverse set of charms. Don't be worried that it may not fit you: you have the choice to customize its length to suit you the best. You can even buy one for your significant other even if your wrist size and theirs are different! What's more, each charm on the bracelet can be removed and replaced, or used to make an entirely new piece of accessory as long as you want to be creative. If you are a die-hard fan of the sea, what are you still waiting for?



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