Cat Nip Self Groomer
Cat Nip Self Groomer
Cat Nip Self Groomer
Cat Nip Self Groomer

Cat Nip Self Groomer

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Your cat is going to absolutely love this wall brush! Cats naturally love rubbing against things, add in a massaging brush with some catnip and you have an absolute hit for the little furballs. Easily attaches to any wall with screws and #M sticky pads. Place in multiple places in your house. Makes a great gift idea for any cat lover!


Collects loose hair

The Cat Self Grooming Wall Massage Brush helps remove and collect loose hair, as a constant support towards a cleaner and more enjoyable living environment.

Suited for walls and corners

The Self Groomer can be easily mounted on either flat wall or corner surfaces, with screws (optional) or the adhesive strips included in the packaging.

Catnip Compartment

If your cat needs a little extra incentive, try adding catnip to the inner compartment. To start you off, the product includes a pouch of Canadian catnip herb, which is also available separately.


Easy to Clean!

The product is easy to disassemble and clean. Simply hand-wash the Self Groomer with natural soap (free of abrasive materials) and rinse.

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